BoneBlast November 2014

IOF BoneBlast • November 2014

IOF Survey finds global lack of knowledge and neglect of men’s fracture risk

A new 12-country survey released on World Osteoporosis Day by IOF shows that on average, 90% of 13,258 adults questioned are unaware of how common osteoporotic fractures are in men. Additionally, an average of 53% of men aged 50+ who had had a routine physical check-up said that they had never had any form of bone health assessment.

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Version 3.9 of the FRAX website now live

FRAX has added four new country models (Croatia, Estonia, Israel and Venezuela) so that the calculator is now available for 57 countries (and 63 models). With the addition of Croatian and Estonian, FRAX website translations now total 30 languages.

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IOF statement on milk study in BMJ

IOF urges caution in interpretation of the results of a recent observational study on milk intake and risk of mortality and fractures. All dairy-based foods provide a readily accessible source of calcium in the diet. People who enjoy drinking milk should not discontinue doing so on the basis of this study, which has several limitations.

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Osteoporosis Online: free CME-accredited educational online courses

Endorsed by IOF and ECTS, the online courses are free of charge and targeted at qualified physicians in secondary & specialist primary care. Courses include: Understanding bone metabolism; Risk assessment & diagnostic techniques; Management strategies for osteoporosis; Fracture healing & osteoporosis.

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Latest Capture the Fracture (CTF) news

CTF is going strong with 83 Fracture Liaison Services (FLS) now mapped, and a total of 56 certificates of recognition awarded (plus 27 in review). We’re also looking forward to the launch of a new toolkit in the coming weeks. Sign up for the CTF newsletter and stay up-to-date with the latest news by contacting Muriel Schneider.

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IOF Joint Session with JOS and KSO

IOF will join the Japanese Osteoporosis Society (JOS) and the Korean Society of Osteoporosis (KSO) for a special joint session at the 17th JOS Annual Meeting from September 17-19, 2015, in Hiroshima City. Further information to be available soon.

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New IOF Committee of National (CNS) members welcomed

Three new societies have joined the CNS, bringing the total to 228 organizations in 97 countries, regions or territories. We are pleased to welcome the Kazakhstan Doctors Association on Osteoporosis, the Indian Menopause Society and the Indonesian Society of Gerontology. IOF is set to reach its target of 230 national society members by the end of 2014.

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Be one in a million – join IOF as an individual member

IOF’s 1 million +1 Member Initiative got a kick start on World Osteoporosis Day as people worldwide (including staff of IOF’s member companies) signed up to help us reach our aspirational goal of one million members. Let your colleagues and patients know about IOF and the benefits of membership.

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Member Spotlight

Third Roundtable for Osteoporosis held in Armenia

The Roundtable of October 15th, with the participation of the First Lady of Armenia and other distinguished speakers, called for a hip fracture registry, national guidelines and inclusion of osteoporosis as a disease prevention priority.

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