There is high variability in access to, and quality of, bone density scanning facilities worldwide, according to a landmark global study carried out at the Medical Research Council Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit (MRC LEU, University of Southampton) in collaboration with the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) and the International Society for Clinical Densitometry (ISCD). Read more
In accordance with the IOF's operating regulations in Latin America, the Regional Advisory Council (RAC) is fully renewed every four years. The RAC is composed of six members elected from candidates in each of the sub-regions into which the region is divided, in order to encourage greater participation and representation of the CNS in Latin America. Read more
On March 3 2020, project coordinator Professor Tobias Winkler, welcomed 37 participants at the start of the 2nd Annual Meeting of the HIPGEN project, held at the Steigenberger Hotel Am Kanzleramt, Berlin. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, 7 participants from Italy and Israel were participating via Video conference from their countries. Read more
The health burden represented by osteoporosis and fragility fractures is growing rapidly at the global level, largely due to ageing demographics. Projections show that by 2050, the worldwide incidence of hip fracture in women and men is likely to increase by 240% and 310% respectively, compared to rates in 19901. Read more
IOF looks forward to welcoming 18 Committee of National Societies (CNS) member organizations in this year’s edition of our CNS Village during the upcoming WCO-IOF-ESCEO congress in Barcelona, Spain. Read more
The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) is pleased to welcome the new 20-member Board for the term 2020-2024. The following individuals, all outstanding experts in the field, have been elected from five world regions following voting by IOF’s global membership: Asia-Pacific & South Africa• Manju Chandran (Singapore)• Peter Ebeling (Australia)• Ambrish Mithal (India)• Toshikata... Read more
The IOF Committee of National Societies (CNS), which now comprises 260 organizations from 100 countries/territories, was honoured to welcome nine new societies this past year. The new organizations, from all regions of the world, have joined IOF’s extensive and influential global community, reflecting IOF’s collaborative efforts across specializations such as orthopaedics, rehabilitation,... Read more
The Committee of Scientific Advisors (CSA) is the medical and scientific community of the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF), comprising 164 of the world’s top experts in the field of osteoporosis and musculoskeletal health (117 full members and 47corresponding members). Membership to this prestigious Committee is based on scientific merit. Members participate in IOF working groups and... Read more
The IOF Global Patient Charter, an initiative of the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) which was drafted in cooperation with patient societies worldwide in 2017, seeks to drive global action for fracture prevention and improved patient care.  Read more
After a fracture, and without appropriate treatment for osteoporosis (the underlying disease) a fracture patient is at high risk for breaking more bones, especially over the next 1 to 2 years. Despite the danger, a vast majority of patients remain untreated, and are essentially unprotected against the high risk of life-threatening secondary fractures. Read more


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