ACOMM campaign to raise awareness about osteoporosis

The campaign ‘Prevenir: Una decisión que te llegará hasta los huesos‘ urges health authorities to consider osteoporosis a public health problem.

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The Colombian Association of Osteoporosis and Mineral Metabolism (ACOMM), a full member of IOF in Colombia, launched the campaign ‘Prevenir: Una decisión que te llegará hasta los huesos’ (English translation approximately ‘Prevent – a decision close to the bone’) with the Foundation of Support for Rheumatic Patients-FUNDARE and the cartoonist and journalist Vladoo.

On June 2 and 3, in front of 15 journalists from the most important media channels in Colombia, Dr. Adriana Medina, president of ACOMM, Maria Mercedes Rueda, president of FUNDARE, and Dr. Amanda Páez signed the public manifesto in Colombia. It was a call to action made to the National Government and especially to the Ministry of Health, to declare osteoporosis a public health problem.

The call was made through Aleida, a character created by the caricaturist and journalist Vladoo. Aleida, is a journalist who at the age of forty, single by conviction, could very well be a mother or wife. Aleida is also a friend and counsellor: given her sense of social responsibility and her interest in empowering women, she decided to say yes and join the campaign. So she called on patients, the medical and scientific community, and civil society to discuss the question: Can osteoporosis be considered a public health problem?

In this way, ACOMM continues its commitment to promote education and prevention of osteoporosis in Colombian society. Dr Adriana Medina, president of ACOMM, stated:

Thanks to the medical and scientific community we are aware of the consequences of this disorder on the country’s population. That is why we want to reach more and more people. Working with this strong mission in mind, and hand in hand with the Fundare Patient Association, we were able to count on the important support of a great ally: Aleida."

For more information on the campaign please visit the ACOMM website

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