American Bone Health’s unique Peer Educators training program

American Bone Health trainers Nancy, Frances and Mary
American Bone Health trainers Danielle and Bettina
American Bone Health recruits and trains volunteers to provide face-to-face education about osteoporosis, bone health and fracture prevention in communities across America.

Reaching the millions of people who are affected by osteoporosis is a challenging task. Although websites and brochures can increase awareness, face-to-face interactions are the most effective way to empower people to take action to improve their bone health.

American Bone Health recruits and trains volunteers to provide that face-to-face education. Through a free on-line training program, volunteers become Peer Educators.  They learn to give community talks, hold discussions and workshops, participate in health fairs, and spread awareness of bone health, osteoporosis, and fracture prevention. They also participate in national screening events in their cities. Because every community is different, the Peer Educators help identify specific needs and partners to work with and select the programs that can be the most effective.

The Peer Educators receive 8 hours of on-line training on the detection, treatment and prevention of osteoporosis and fractures. On-line training allows flexibility for people to participate, no matter their time zone or personal schedule. The training includes The Osteoporosis Book by Gwen Ellert, Alan Low, and John Wade and six podcasts that last from 30 to 45 minutes. After each podcast, a short quiz highlights the important learnings from the material.

To complete the training, volunteers have a phone call with an experienced Peer Educator to answer questions and discuss American Bone Health tools and key messages to communicate to the public. When the training is complete, new Peer Educators are assigned a coach to help them get started in their community. They also get access to all American Bone Health developed presentation materials and handouts.

American Bone Health Peer Educators make a difference – one community at a time.

My American Bone Health training has empowered me to go out and make a difference in my community helping people avoid pain and suffering.” 
Betsy Walker, Colorado