Are you getting enough calcium? Use new calculator to find out

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Studies from around the world show that many people are not getting the calcium they need in their daily diets. Calcium is a major building-block of our bone tissue and our skeleton houses 99% of our body's calcium stores. The calcium stored in our bones also acts as a reservoir for maintaining calcium levels in the blood, which is essential for healthy nerves and muscles.

Are you getting enough of this important mineral through your diet?

International calcium intake recommendations (IOM*) range from 700–1300 mg per day depending on age and gender. Adolescents as well as seniors, whose ability to absorb calcium declines with age, have higher calcium requirements. The new IOF calcium calculator, available as a free mobile App for iOS and Android, or via the IOF website, helps you compare your average daily calcium consumption to recommended levels for your age. Falling short? The calcium calculator provides a list of calcium-rich foods and links to bone-healthy recipes. It also helps you see which foods are more calcium-rich per serving compared to others.

The newly updated calculator features more comprehensive content, improved usability and attractive new visuals. Another new feature is that you can click on the specific foods you have selected to see all the recipes in the IOF bone-healthy recipe database which contain those ingredients. The development of the calculator was supported by Takeda Pharmaceuticals International GmbH.

IOF Calcium Calculator

Calculates average daily intake based on approximate weekly intake

The IOF calculator is unique in that it asks for your approximate weekly consumption of specific food types in order to calculate your average daily intake. As you don’t always eat the same foods every day, this helps you get a more accurate picture of your average daily levels. Naturally, the result of the calculation is only an estimate, not an exact measure of calcium intake. Not all foods containing calcium are included in the table and calcium content, particularly in prepared foods, can vary widely. Nevertheless, the calcium calculator helps raise the red flag if you’ve been neglecting your calcium intake.


While dietary calcium intake is recommended, certain groups of people may not be able to obtain adequate levels through their daily diet and may benefit from calcium supplements. For example, seniors with reduced appetite, low activity levels or medical conditions (including osteoporosis) would probably be prescribed supplements by their doctors.

Start on the road to healthier bones by giving your calcium intake a boost - download the free mobile APP on the App Store for iOS or on Google Play for Android or use our online calcium calculator to find out whether you are meeting your recommended daily intake.

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* Institute of Medicine 2010