Capture The Fracture highlighted at Japanese meeting

Capture the Fracture’s coordinator attended the Fragility Fracture Network (FFN) Japan meeting, presenting for the first time in Japanese to an audience of clinicians, orthopaedists and allied healthcare professionals.

The motto of the FFN Japan meeting, held in Hamamatsu Japan from March 2-4, 2018, was “Fracture prevention through multi-disciplinary cooperation”, clearly highlighting Capture the Fracture’ s mission to close the fracture prevention gap through coordinated Fracture Liaison Services (FLS).

IOF’s Capture the Fracture Coordinator, Masaki Fujita, was given the opportunity to present at a symposium on secondary fracture prevention and was the only invitee from abroad to attend the meeting. This was the first time that Capture the Fracture (CTF) was presented by IOF to an exclusively Japanese audience, in Japanese.

The session attracted 256 attendees from all over the country. They included clinicians (orthopedists, traumatologists, internists, etc) and allied healthcare professionals (nutritionists, occupational therapists, nurses, physiotherapists, and students).  Several attendees represented clinics which had already implemented FLS and who were interested in applying the internationally recognised Best Practice Framework (BPF) for quality improvement and in joining the global CTF initiative.

Dr. Takashi Matsushita (Professor and Chairman of Department of Traumatology, Fukushima Medical University) chaired the session, beginning with an introduction on the clinical importance of secondary fracture prevention. Masaki Fujita followed by giving a 20-minute presentation on the CTF programme, the resources and tools available for FLS implementation, how to apply the BPF, and how to join the global CTF initiative.

Following the presentation, Mr Fujita had the opportunity to meet with FLS teams to provide further information and to reply to specific questions related to joining CTF and completing the BPF questionnaire (which is available in Japanese). There were also fruitful discussions with KOLs and patient societies on how a global programme such as CTF can bring benefits to Japan by enhancing patient care. We were delighted to hear the excellent feedback from meeting organizers, KOLs and clinics alike.

In keeping with the CTF vision and mission, it is important that FLS in all regions of the world receive support and the recognition they deserve for their important services. Currently there is only one Japanese FLS listed with the CTF programme, but as a result of this presentation, at which we were able to present and interact in Japanese, CTF is expecting to receive several new Japanese applications in the near future. IOF thanks all who helped to made this opportunity possible.

About Capture the Fracture®

Capture the Fracture® (CTF) is a multi-stakeholder initiative led by the International Osteoporosis Foundation. The initiative hopes to drive changes at local and international levels, so that secondary fracture prevention becomes a reality. Its aim is to set global best practices for Fracture Liaison Services (FLS), while serving as a benchmark tool to which clinics and hospitals can adhere and aspire to, and receive international recognition. The CTF programme has a diverse set of tools that provides essential resources and documentation to drive quality improvement in FLS; CTF also offers mentorship programmes that support development of FLS at the local level. Currently the CTF network includes more than 263 FLS in 38 countries. #CaptureTheFracture