Capture the Fracture workshop outlines road to success in FLS implementation

Speaker Dr Manju Chandran
Speaker Dr Gabor Major
Speaker Prof. Peter Ebeling
A much anticipated full-day CTF® Mentorship Programme FLS Workshop took place in Sydney on November 28th, prior to the start of the IOF Regionals 7th Asia-Pacific Osteoporosis Conference.

At the Capture the Fracture (CTF) FLS Workshop invited participants, comprising healthcare professionals with a keen interest in Fracture Liaison Services (FLS), heard targeted information from expert speakers. As well as learning about global and Australian examples of FLS implementation, participants discussed how to develop a business case for FLS implementation and other significant challenges and helpful solutions to initiating and sustaining these essential services.

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The key speakers, Dr Gabor Major (Australia) and Dr Manju Chandran (Singapore), have extensive experience in FLS development. Dr Major is Director of Rheumatology at the Hunter New England Health Service in NSW based at the Royal Newcastle Centre in the John Hunter Hospital. He was responsible for the establishment of a FLS in 2007 and continues to oversee its operation. The service has had a demonstrated effect in reducing the refracture rate with a net annual cost saving of $1.2 – 1.8 million to the health system. This CTF ‘Gold Star’ service was awarded special recognition in 2011 by the NSW Minister of Health. Dr Manju Chandran is a Senior Consultant Endocrinologist and Director of the Osteoporosis and Bone Metabolism Unit at Singapore General Hospital, Singapore, and she is the current Chairperson of the Chapter of Endocrinologists of the College of Physicians, Academy of Medicine, Singapore. Her Secondary Fracture Prevention Program at Singapore General Hospital- OPTIMAL has also been awarded a Gold Star by the CTF program. Dr Chandran has been instrumental in educating the broader healthcare community on FLS implementation, both in Singapore and internationally.

As guest speakers, Professor Peter Ebeling (IOF Board member, Australia) discussed the health economics of fractures and FLS progress in Australia, and Greg Lyubomirsky (CEO, Osteoporosis Australia) provided information about the local experience.

The IOF Capture the Fracture programme thanks the speakers and participants for making the Workshop such a success. We look forward to continuing our commitment and efforts in training healthcare professionals worldwide on effective implementation of FLS services.

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About Capture the Fracture®
Capture the Fracture® (CTF) is a multi-stakeholder initiative led by the International Osteoporosis Foundation. The initiative hopes to drive changes at local and international levels, so that secondary fracture prevention becomes a reality. Its aim is to set global best practices for Fracture Liaison Services (FLS), while serving as a benchmark tool to which clinics and hospitals can adhere and aspire to, and receive international recognition. The CTF programme has a diverse set of tools that provides essential resources and documentation to drive quality improvement in FLS; CTF also offers mentorship programmes that support development of FLS at the local level. #CaptureTheFracture