Conferences on Bone Health in Older Adults

A new collaborative initiative led by IOF Latin America will train caregivers, elderly-care assistants and other related professionals on strategies to prevent osteoporosis-related fractures as well as providing educational sessions for seniors.

A new collaborative project to train and raise awareness about bone health care kicked off in Buenos Aires on April 27th. The ‘Bone Health Conferences for Older Adults’ are organized by International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) Latin America and the General Directorate of Promotion and Social Inclusion (DGPIS) of the Secretariat for Social Integration for Seniors of the Ministry of Human Development and Habitat of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

This first edition of this training cycle took place in the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires, and involved two simultaneous workshops, one for caregivers/elderly-care assistants and the other for seniors.

The initiative aims to train caregivers and other related professionals on key strategies to prevent fractures due to bone fragility. In addition, the program seeks to sensitize older adults about the impact and consequences of osteoporosis and fragility fractures on healthy ageing.

The workshops attracted 215 people (120 nursing assistants and 95 senior citizens). The session for older adults was led by Dr Patricia Cowan, member of the committee for patients of the Argentine Society of Osteoporosis. Dr Cowan warned about why it is important to take care of our bones and described the risk factors that could give be a warning of potential osteoporosis. Dr. Vanesa Longobardi, endocrinologist, and nutritionist Lic. Karina Schulteis, both members of the Medical Research Foundation, were in charge of the workshop for gerontological assistants and presented topics related to osteoporosis. nutrition for good bone health and prevention of falls.

This is the first of several workshops that the IOF and the Secretariat of Social Integration for the Elderly will carry out during the year 2018.