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Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are lending their support to the fight against bone, muscle and joint diseases - Invite your local MEP to join the EP Osteoporosis Interest Group.

Due to the ageing of the population the number of people with osteoporosis in the European Union (EU) is expected to rise dramatically. As a result, the number of osteoporosis-related fractures will grow to approximately 4.5 million per year by 2025, corresponding to a 28% increase within only a 15-year period.

One small group of concerned policy makers in the EU has lent its support to the prevention of osteoporosis, fractures and related chronic diseases. The European Parliament (EP) Osteoporosis Interest Group is an informal, all-party group of MEPs dedicated to improving national and European policies that will help these major causes of long-term disability and dependence in European’s senior population.

Following the recent European elections, which saw a number of changes in MEP country representatives on the Interest Group, there is now an opportunity to educate and recruit new politicians to the cause of osteoporosis and bone muscle and joint disorders prevention. Currently, MEP members of the Interest Group include:

  • Austria: Heinz K. Becker
  • Belgium: Frédérique Ries
  • Bulgaria: Filiz Hyusmenova
  • Finland: Sirpa Pietikainen
  • France: Nathalie Griesbeck, Françoise Grossetête
  • Malta: David Casa
  • Slovakia: Anna Záborská
  • Slovenia: Alojz Peterle, Ivo Vajgl
  • UK: Mary Honeyball, Richard Howitt, Claude Moraes, Catherine Stihler, Derek Vaughan

To encourage Europe-wide representation, IOF joins EP Osteoporosis Interest Group Chairs, Nathalie Griesbeck (MEP, France), Mary Honeyball (MEP, UK) and Sirpa Pietikainen (MEP, Finland) in calling on MEPs to participate in the Interest Group. The aim is to expand membership to include MEPs from all 28 countries in the EU.

We cannot afford to ignore osteoporosis, with one in three women and one in five men over the age of 50 affected, and increasingly ageing populations, we must act now. Join the Interest Group and play a vital role in protecting the bone and musculoskeletal health of your citizens as well as safeguarding future health-care budgets.”

Engage MEPs in your country

As a patient or simply as a concerned citizen, you too can show your support for the cause of osteoporosis and musculoskeletal disease prevention by engaging your local MEP. If your local MEP is not on the EP Osteoporosis Interest Group, consider writing to him or her:

  • Express any concerns you may have in regard to the situation in your country. For example, depending on where you live, pertaining to inadequate DXA facilities or reimbursement or restrictions on reimbursement for medication.
  • Ask your MEP to get involved in what is a worthy cause in support of healthy, active ageing and connect them to IOF.
  • Download the EP Osteoporosis Interest Group informational brochure and/or share the link with your MEP.

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