Don’t miss this special issue on microbiota and bone health

Eight outstanding reviews in Calcified Tissue International give valuable insight into exciting new research on the gut-musculoskeletal axis.

The human microbiota is made up of trillions of cells which include bacteria, viruses and fungi. The largest populations of human microbiota reside in the gut. A large body of research has begun to detail the mechanism(s) of how microbiota interact with the host to maintain optimal health status, including in regard to musculoskeletal health. It is an exciting and very complex field, as gut microbiota can vary according to age, sex, diet, living conditions, and diseases requiring antibiotic and drug treatment. 

In a special issue of Calcified Tissue International, eight invited reviews, authored by renowned experts in the field, provide a comprehensive overview of the latest knowledge and research developments related to the gut-musculoskeletal axis:

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