FHOEMO nationwide awareness campaign targets fracture prevention

‘La osteoporosis pasa fracture’ reminds doctors and patients of the importance of osteoporosis fracture prevention

IOF member society FHOEMO (Hispanic Foundation of Osteoporosis and Metabolic Diseases), in association with AECOS, is organizing an awareness campaign called ‘La osteoporosis pasa fractura’ aimed at patients and primary care physicians. The aim of the nationwide campaign is to raise awareness and improve knowledge about the importance of osteoporotic fracture prevention - especially for women at high risk and those who have suffered a first fracture.

As well as addressing women directly, one objective of the campaign is to appeal to primary care physicians’ responsibility concerning the importance of early diagnosis and treatment for high-risk patients. Doctors will be sensitized to the fact that diagnosis and treatment are needed in order to help patients avoid fragility fractures, which have high socioeconomic costs and serious impact on the patient’s life (mortality, decrease in quality of life and independence).

In order to spread this message, the campaign will be take place in numerous locations throughout Spain. Free densitometry tests for high-risk patients will be held mainly in Primary Care centers, pharmacies and private centers. In addition, all patients undergoing testing will be provided with informational materials on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis.

At the same time, FHOEMO will organize educational sessions held by experts in osteoporosis and bone metabolism with a wide knowledge in fracture prevention, endorsed by the Medical School of each community.

To reinforce its impact, the campaign will hold different activities aimed at outreach to local media. In addition, the campaign will be presented to the health administration of each city or region, to inform them about the campaign and to invite them to participate and support the campaign dissemination.