First Malaysian FLS to be mapped on Capture the Fracture receives prestigious award

Award presentation on January 12, 2018
Dr. Lee Joon-Kiong receives the award on behalf of the FLS team
Beacon Hospital’s Fracture Liaison Service receives recognition from Malaysia's Ministry of Health.

The Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) program run by Beacon Hospital (Selangor, Malaysia) was awarded a Malaysia Health & Wellness BRAND AWARD 2017 under the Category of Nursing/Health and Wellness Centre. The Award, presented on January 12th by the Deputy Minister of Health of Malaysia, was judged and endorsed by the Ministry of Health.

> See Beacon Hospital website news announcing the award 

The Beacon Hospital FLS was initiated in April 2017, launched with a strong spirit of “TEAM approach” in order to achieve better patient care.  The FLS team, led by Dr. Lee Joon-Kiong, includes several orthopaedic surgeons, a coordinator, rehabilitation providers (PT, OT), and dieticians. The FLS is incorporated into the standard care services in Beacon hospital, serving patients aged 50 and above who present with fragility fractures. The patients are attended by the orthopedic surgeon who typically initiates treatment, medication or intervention. The FLS coordinator follows up with patients for one year after discharge.

IOF and Capture the Fracture® congratulates the Beacon Hospital FLS team for their outstanding achievement.

As the first Malaysian FLS to be mapped on the CTF Map of Best Practice (28 Sept. 2017), the FLS has been featured in local radio, TV interviews, newspapers, and magazines – giving much needed public attention to the important role of FLS services in patient care and fracture prevention.