IOF awards prestigious IOF CNS Medal to Varta Babalyan, Armenian bone health advocate

The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) has recognized Dr Babalyan for her longstanding support of IOF initiatives and outstanding work on behalf of national and regional osteoporosis education and advocacy.

Dr Varta Babalyan, President of the Armenian Osteoporosis Association, an IOF member society, has been awarded the 2019 IOF Committee of National Societies (CNS) Medal. The Medal was presented on April 5, 2019 at the World Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases in Paris, France.

The CNS Medal recognizes an individual who has made an important contribution to the cause of osteoporosis prevention through active participation in CNS activities and by expanding IOF’s messages and outreach in his/her country. The CNS, comprising more than 240 patient and medical societies worldwide, is IOF’s core membership committee. Its membership represents the world’s largest single network of national and regional organizations dedicated to the prevention of osteoporosis and fragility fractures.

Professor Jean-Yves Reginster, Chair of the CNS and IOF Board member, stated:

Varta Babalyan’s great commitment and efforts on behalf of osteoporosis patients and healthcare professional education in Armenia have been extraordinary. In addition, she has shown exemplary support of IOF initiatives. Notably, Dr Babalyan has been instrumental in the organization of the IOF International Summits for Eurasian and Eastern European Countries, with last year’s Summit, hosted in Yerevan by the Armenian Osteoporosis Association, bringing together IOF member societies from 19 countries.”

Dr Philippe Halbout, IOF CEO, added:

It is an honour to present this Award to Varta Babalyan. Through her important work at the national and regional level, she has helped to raise awareness of osteoporosis, and brought osteoporosis and fracture prevention to the attention of healthcare providers and policy makers.”

Varta Babalyan, M.D. trained as a doctor in general practice and as a family physician. She has also had a successful career in the pharma and medical device industry. In this capacity she developed her organizational skills and advanced through multiple positions, including as country manager and business developmental manager. Reflecting a strong dedication to bone health, Dr Babylon has served as the president of the Armenian Osteoporosis Association since 2014. In 2016 she was named director of the newly founded Osteoporosis Center of Armenia.
The Osteoporosis Center of Armenia supports existing healthcare programs and hospitals in the country by providing doctors and patients with advice and information about osteoporosis. It is also an important resource for educational outreach and research.


World Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis & Musculoskeletal Diseases (WCO-IOF-ESCEO Paris 2019)
Held jointly by IOF and ESCEO, the Congress took place in Paris, France, from April 4-7, 2019. WCO-IOF-ESCEO is the world’s largest annual forum for the presentation of clinical research and new advances in the prevention and management of bone, muscle and joint disorders, including sarcopenia and frailty. Further information and congress abstracts are available at   #OsteoCongress 

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