IOF CNS member societies recognized

Dr Derrick Chan receiving the 'Best Secondary Fracture Prevention Promotion Campaign' award on behalf of the Taiwan Osteoporosis Association
The 'Best World Osteoporosis Day Campaign' was awarded to SYNOS
The Turkish Osteoporosis Patient Society was awarded the 'Best CNS booth'
Awards were presented to CNS member societies from Taiwan, Syria and Turkey in conjunction with the Worldwide Conference of Osteoporosis Patient Societies (IOF WWC) and WCO-IOF-ESCEO’17 in Florence, Italy

The importance of the work carried out by IOF’s close to 200 national societies can never be overstated. Most often run entirely by dedicated volunteers, IOF member patient and medical societies in all regions of the world do so much to assist osteoporosis patients, increase understanding of the disease, and educate the public and healthcare professionals about prevention and treatment.

At the recent IOF WWC in Florence, followed by the World Congress (WCO-IOF-ESCEO ’17) IOF presented CNS member societies with a commemorative award in recognition of their work.

Best Secondary Fracture Prevention Campaign

The Taiwanese Osteoporosis Association was awarded for their extensive efforts in support of Fracture Liaison Services (FLS) in Taiwan. With 19 FLS already ‘mapped’ on the Capture the Fracture global map, Taiwan is a leader in secondary fracture prevention within Asia. The campaign’s objectives are to create an FLS network and hold workshops among healthcare professionals; increase applications of best practices; and to hold campaigns directed at the general public to increase awareness about FLS and osteoporosis.

Best World Osteoporosis Day Campaign

Close to 100 events were carried out by member national societies for World Osteoporosis Day 2016, and many of these were very impressive and had great outreach. Congratulations to all! Of the applications received for ‘Best World Osteoporosis Day Campaign’ IOF selected the Syrian National Osteoporosis Society’s (SYNOS) campaign. Despite the extremely difficult situation, SYNOS volunteers managed to set up several community events, aimed at children and their families, to raise awareness of healthy lifestyle as the basis of good bone health. The children’s drawing competition resulted in beautiful and creative artwork that is an inspiration to us all.

Best CNS booth

A recent feature of IOF scientific meetings (both the World Congress and IOF regional meetings) is the ‘CNS booth’ section within the exhibition halls. IOF member societies are invited to set up a display booth to showcase their society’s activities. Members have found it a useful way to network and meet up with potential sponsors and delegates from their own countries who may not have been aware of the national society’s work. At the WCO-IOF-ESCEO 2017 in Florence we were pleased to provide 18 CNS societies with a booth. IOF thanks all those who participated. We congratulate the Turkish Osteoporosis Patient Society who was selected as the winner. Many of the booths were attractive and instructive and would also have been deserving winners!