IOF Protect Your Bones Rugby Campaign kicks off today!

IOF Rugby Campaign
One of six visuals featured in the IOF Protect your Bones Rugby Campaign
IOF launches a new global awareness campaign which correlates the need for bone protection in Rugby to the need for long-term protection of bone health.

Today, IOF has launched a new awareness campaign that communicates in a new and creative way the ‘Love Your Bones: Protect your Future’ message.

The campaign is created in collaboration with Montpellier Hérault Rugby Club, and with the participation of five renowned South African players from the team.

Comprising six succinct messages and visuals, the campaign highlights the dangers of osteoporosis and the consequent need for long-term protection of bone health. The impactful messages celebrate the strength of women who proactively take steps to protect their bone health, and seek to empower the public to take responsibility for their future bone health through healthy lifestyle and early awareness of risk factors.

The IOF Protect Your Bones Rugby campaign will take place at the same time as the Women’s Rugby World Cup (WRWC) between 9th - 26th of August, 2017. IOF will be sharing regular posts for the duration of the WRWC.

Help us ‘tackle’ the poor global awareness of osteoporosis and fracture prevention!

You can do your part in raising the profile of bone health on social media platforms by liking and sharing the campaign messages…. join the fun and help make some noise for bone health!

  • Print and share these illustrations during your country’s local events
  • Share them with your contacts using the campaign hashtags: #IOFRugby17 #WRWC2017 #LoveYourBones #osteoporosis #IOFbonehealth #rugby
  • Translate into your own language
  • Use the illustrations as posters in your workspace

>Download resources on the campaign webpage

IOF extends a warm thanks to Frans Steyn, Jacques du Plessis, Bismarck du Plessis, Pierre Spies, Jannie du Plessis, Montpellier Hérault Rugby club, CSM Sport & Entertainment, Altrad, and to Jill McDonald for making this campaign possible.