Join the CNS! New category of membership announced

Would you like to be a part of the largest network of organizations in the field of bone health? IOF invites you to join our most influential membership committee, and help strengthen the global voice in support of bone health awareness and advocacy.

With 240 national organizations in 99 locations worldwide, the Committee of National Societies (CNS) is IOF’s most important membership committee. It represents the collective voice of the global osteoporosis movement and as such is IOF’s strongest calling card in support of musculoskeletal health, osteoporosis prevention and improved patient care.

If you have an association working in the field of osteoporosis and musculoskeletal disorders and are eager to find out more about membership, contact the CNS coordinator.

New category of membership introduced

Over the years, various groups and organizations in different parts of the world have expressed interest in joining IOF but cannot do so as they do not meet the traditional CNS regulations for full or associate membership status.  This may be, for example, because their mission is not solely devoted to osteoporosis and other skeletal diseases, or they are not set up to have funding, by-laws or official not-for-profit status as do our regular full or associate member societies.

In order to be more inclusive and to grow the global community of advocates for bone health, IOF will now welcome a new category of member organization within the CNS. The Health Advocacy Organization CNS membership category is designed to welcome a broad range of groups and organizations whose mission may not necessarily be devoted solely to osteoporosis, but who are interested in supporting musculoskeletal health in the community. These may be, for example: hospitals, private clinics or specific hospital departments; research groups; physiotherapy, fitness or nutrition centers; nursing or other allied healthcare professional groups; women’s health organizations; senior citizen groups; or volunteer associations in the health field.

We invite any interested group to contact the CNS coordinator and find out more about membership opportunities in this new category.

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