Join the next Capture the Fracture webinar to learn how to demonstrate your FLS is working well

Our May 17, 2018 webinar will review the indicators your Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) can use to measure its quality at the patient level, and to help drive quality improvement.

While FLSs are effective, showing how an FLS is improving patient outcomes is a challenge. Following requests from a number of FLSs around the globe, Capture the Fracture®  have drafted a series of indicators that FLSs can use, voluntarily, to evaluate the quality of an FLS at the patient level and drive quality improvement. This can be done using local, regional or national audits. 

Key indicators include patient identification; spinal fracture identification; time to BMD screening; bone therapy initiation; falls assessment - and many more.

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  • Speaker: Ass. Prof. M Kassim Javaid
  • Moderator: Masaki Fujita
  • When: May 17, 2018 at 17:00 CEST (Paris time)
  • Cost: free


Join the webinar to learn how to assess and improve your FLS at the patient level if you:
1. work in an FLS
2. want to set up an FLS
3. pay or commission FLSs
4. are a patient / patient society

The webinar is presented by Ass. Prof. Javaid, Co-Chair of the Capture the Fracture® Steering Committee.  Prof. Javaid is an international expert on secondary fracture prevention, and how to implement an effective FLS in a health-care setting. PHe is an Associate Professor in Metabolic Bone Disease, Nuffield Centre of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences, University of Oxford, UK. His research areas are in secondary fracture prevention, vitamin D and bone health, and rare disorders of bone. Dr Javaid is involved in the FRiSCy initiative, looking at improving the care of older patients in the UK’s South Central region who suffer fragility fractures. He led the development and implementation of an FLS in 2011 that serves hospitals in Oxford (population of 620,000) and is the clinical lead for the first national audit of Fracture Liaison Services at the patient level.

About Capture the Fracture®

Capture the Fracture® (CTF) is a multi-stakeholder initiative led by the International Osteoporosis Foundation. The initiative hopes to drive changes at local and international levels, so that secondary fracture prevention becomes a reality. Its aim is to set global best practices for Fracture Liaison Services (FLS), while serving as a benchmark tool to which clinics and hospitals can adhere and aspire to, and receive international recognition. The CTF programme has a diverse set of tools that provides essential resources and documentation to drive quality improvement in FLS; CTF also offers mentorship programmes that support development of FLS at the local level. Currently the CTF network includes more than 263 FLS in 38 countries. #CaptureTheFracture