National Osteoporosis Foundation’s ‘Break Free from Osteoporosis’ call to action

May is National Osteoporosis Month in the USA, and NOF has introduced several new resources to inform and encourage the public to take action for bone health and fracture prevention.

Osteoporosis is responsible for two million broken bones every year in the U.S. and causes 75,000 deaths – those figures alone show the pressing need to promote action for prevention nationwide.

To mark National Osteoporosis Month, the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) is encouraging the public and at-risk individuals to get active, follow a bone healthy diet and learn the facts about osteoporosis treatment.

Osteoporosis and the fractures it causes have reached epidemic proportions in the U.S. and around the world,”

said Elizabeth Thompson, NOF CEO. “During May’s National Osteoporosis Month, we hope to shed light on the impact of this disease while encouraging people to take necessary steps to prevent future fractures.”

NOF activities and resources for National Osteoporosis Month include:

  • Break Free from Osteoporosis - an awareness and educational initiative to help the public learn more about building bone strength and preventing fractures.
  • Jumping Jack Challenge – a fun way to inspire people to exercise, and to raise awareness about bone health and resources for research.
  • Nutrition Webinar on Wednesday, May 30 – hear the latest scientific evidence on nutrients important to bone health and get answers to some of the most common questions on nutrition and bone health.
  • Two new digital whiteboards with information about calcium and vitamin D. These animated videos make great pass-along tools to spread the word about the important role calcium and vitamin D play in building and maintaining bone strength at every age.
  • Safe Movement booklet available in English and Spanish.
  • Risk assessment video to help osteoporosis patients and their healthcare providers learn about weighing the risk of fracture versus the risk of osteoporosis treatment rare side effects.

View or download these freely accessible resources on the NOF website: National Osteoporosis Month resources

IOF congratulates the NOF on this engaging campaign and the many excellent resources to help the general public and at-risk individuals to Break Free from Osteoporosis!