National Osteoporosis Society's new project STRONG, STRAIGHT and STEADY

The National Osteoporosis Society (NOS) in the UK aims to develop a consensus statement to standardize information about best exercises and physical activity to safely strengthen bones. You can help by completing a short online survey.

Exercise is an important way in which to maintain bone health and promote osteoporosis and fracture prevention. However many people, with or without osteoporosis, may have specific questions about exercise or not know which exercises are optimal for bone health, or which may not be ideal following an osteoporois diagnosis.

The National Osteoporosis Society is working on an exciting new project to develop a Consensus Statement that health professionals can use to help standardise the information people affected by osteoporosis receive about the best exercises and physical activity to safely strengthen bones. They are also producing new publications and web based resources, based on the best evidence and expertise.

To help inform the 'STRONG, STRAIGHT and STEADY' project, health professionals, patients and public are invited to participate in a short online survey to help the NOS determine which particular questions about safe exercise and osteoporosis are most commonly asked.

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