New issue of Progress in Osteoporosis with focus on treatment

The latest concise reviews by Prof. Ego Seeman offer new insights into antiresorptive and anabolic agents.

Progress in Osteoporosis, IOF’s online review journal edited by Prof. Ego Seeman, is back online with an exciting new issue!

The journal, which includes downloadable figures and a commentary option, helps readers keep abreast of new research by providing critical evaluation of the most important papers in the field of osteoporosis published in the preceding few months. 

In Volume 16, Issue 1, Professor Seeman provides insightful reviews of new findings concerning osteoporosis pharmacotherapy. The focus is on:

1. Antiresorptive Agents
2. Anabolic Agents
3. Anabolic vs. Antiresorptive Agents
4. Combining Anabolic & Antiresorptive Agents