Perwatusi in Indonesia opens two new regional branches

Chairperson, Ms Anita Hutagalung presenting at the PERWATUSI seminar on Bone and Joint health in cooperation with the Indonesian Hip & Knee Society.
To celebrate Indonesia's Independence Day, PERWATUSI held the osteoporosis exercise program for the public.
PERWATUSI visits nursing homse for the elderly in Jakarta to distribute medication and introduce osteoporosis training exercises.
2017 is proving to be a fruitful year for the Indonesian Healthy Bone Foundation (Perwatusi), with many successful programmes and a planned Congress in October..

The Indonesian Healthy Bone Foundation (Perwatusi), an longtime IOF member society, marks a 2017 milestone with the inauguration of two regional branches in July 2017; The Perwatusi Banten Regional Branch and the Bogor Regional Branch.  In addition to this major milestone, a seminar on the Optimization of Public Services took place in Jakarta in early 2017 with as many as 61 participants.

Three successful osteoporosis training exercise programmes took place during the year (in South Tangerang, Bogor area and Ulujami area) with a grand total of 600 participants. A social event programme to distribute free medical supplies and offer Bone Mass Density checks for people living in Pabotan Area, Bogor was held in May.

Perwatusi looks forward to the upcoming congress of FORNAS IV in Banjarmasin, Kalimantan and the joint Perwatusi and YKPI (Yayasan Kanker Payudara) seminar in Jakarta scheduled by the Foundation to take place in October.