Postmenopausal Osteoporosis in Mexico debated in Senate Health Committee

Health organizations, government representatives, specialists, and patients seek to support a comprehensive public program covering all aspects of osteoporosis from prevention to continuing medical education.

Translated from the Spanish-language news story

On November 6, bone health specialists met at the Legislative Forum "Panorama of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis in Mexico: Challenges and Opportunities," where they presented the need to design and implement a comprehensive program for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of osteoporosis, as well as to promote the updating of clinical practice guidelines.

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Among the speakers, there were AMMOM partners, including Dr. Patricia Clark Peralta (IOF Global Board member), Dr. Manuel Mirassou Ortega, Dr. José Manuel Aguilera Zepeda and Dr. Rolando Espinosa Morales (president of AMMOM, full member of IOF).
The accelerated aging of the Mexican population is a major Public Health challenge and among the diseases related to aging is osteoporosis. During the event, organized by Senator Lilia Margarita Valdez Martinez, member of the Health Commission of the Senate of the Republic, and the Mexican Association of Bone and Mineral Metabolism (AMMOM), experts presented the main challenges presented by this disease.

"One of the most serious consequences of osteoporosis are fractures, as it implies a high risk of loss of independence, chronic pain and need for rehabilitation," said Dr. Rolando Espinosa, President of AMMOM, who stressed that

it is necessary to have a comprehensive program that embraces all aspects of the disease, from prevention to continuing medical education, paying attention to diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.

For her part, Senator Valdez pointed out that for her "it is vital to work on initiatives that are reflected in the health of the most vulnerable, even more so when the number of people affected grows as the population pyramid ages - and currentlyin Mexico the population aged over 60 years exceeds 12 million people," he also stressed that

the most common fractures occur in the spine, wrist and hip, in particular those of the spine and hip can cause chronic pain, disability, and even death.

During the Forum, emphasis was also placed on the need for a comprehensive programme of diagnosis, treatment, care and secondary prevention that is constantly updated in order to guarantee access to the best and most innovative treatments for this disease. Dr. Espinosa gave special recognition to the work of several hospitals in Mexico, which are part of the Fracture Liaison Services (FLS) model of care, or Fracture Coordination Units whose objective is to accompany hospitals in the prevention of a second fracture due to bone fragility in patients with osteoporosis. He pointed out that

this model helps to identify patients with clinical fractures and establishes the steps for the best treatment according to each patient's case". 

Monica Caló, IOF LATAM manager adds:

The Capture the Fracture program has shown significant growth worldwide and Mexico is a successful example of the program's potential to successfully improve patient care and prevent secondary fractures. The implementation of fracture coordination units is a great example of how to connect patients and families, health professionals, health authorities and other stakeholders to improve care from clinical and policy perspectives."

At the end of the speakers' presentation, a question and comment session was held by forum attendees, who appreciated the initiative presented to the Senate to advance osteoporosis prevention.

About the Mexican Association of Bone and Mineral Metabolism (AMMOM)
Multidisciplinary association of physicians interested in various metabolic bone diseases, where it stands out for its high frequency, costs and importance, osteoporosis. Its main axes of work are fundamentally of medical type with academic character, of professional exchange, on the teaching and investigation.

Source: AMMOM official communiqué