Read these expert reviews on fat and bone

Special edition of 'Calcified Tissue International & Musculoskeletal Research' helps to further understanding of the complex relationship between adiposity and bone.

There is considerable interest in the impact of adiposity on the skeleton – driven in part by the enormous increase in the prevalence of obesity and osteoporosis. However, despite the increased volume of research on the topic, there is still much debate and conflicting evidence.

In their introduction to a dedicated special issue in Calcified Tissue Int, topic editors Paul Dimitri and Cliff Rosen state:

The ever-intriguing, complex and rapidly emerging relationships between fat and bone from a cellular to clinical level inspired us to bring together experts in the field to provide a series of commissioned reviews summarizing the latest advances. One of the greatest challenges is the translation of current knowledge into relevant clinical applications. Importantly, this special ‘fat and bone’ edition highlights areas that require further work to enhance our understanding of fat-bone relationships on a background of many other factors that influence skeletal metabolism.”

Below we list the reviews – and invite you to read, share and cite!

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