Spotlight on osteoporosis at major women’s health conference in Moscow

Representing IOF member societies ‘Osteorus’ and RAOP, Mrs Galina Evstifeeva discussed osteoporosis at this key conference - stressing the importance of raising the profile of the disease and of making fracture prevention a health priority in Russia.

On March 26, 2018 the Women’s Union of Russia hosted an important event in Moscow - the Conference on 'Health of Women of All Ages'. Its main theme was the discussion of the Russian National Strategy in the interests of women for 2017-2022 as well as the Presidential initiatives concerning maternal and childhood welfare.

Conference participants came to Moscow from more than 22 regional women’s organizations. Altogether there were more than 40 women present. Well known scientists and healthcare professionals covered the health issues important to the women of Russia. The Conference was moderated by Ekaterina Lakhova, a state public figure, member of the Council of the Federation of Russia, and Chair of the non-profit organization the “Women’s Union of Russia”. It was held within the framework of preparations for the Eurasian Women’s Forum which will be held in St. Petersburg in September 2018.

On behalf of the Russian patient society ‘Osteorus’, Galina Evstifeeva presented on osteoporosis, stressing the importance of raising the profile of the disease and making fracture prevention a health priority in Russia and around the world. The presentation addressed policymakers and health authorities, who were urged to raise the status of this silent disease in the country.

Mrs. Evstifeeva also stressed the necessity of educating people about osteoporosis and organizing annual World Osteoporosis Day celebrations all over Russia. World Osteoporosis Day is an annual campaign led by the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) and carried out by IOF’s 240 member societies worldwide. In 2017, according to the map of global WOD events, more individual events were held in Russia than in any other country – largely thanks to the dedicated efforts of ‘Osteorus’ and the Russian Association on Osteoporosis (RAOP).

Conference participants were informed about the activities of Osteorus within the framework of RAOP and IOF. As well, the conference participants showed enthusiasm for the slogan “Love Your Bones. Protect Your Future “and signed the IOF Global Patient Charter petition in support of osteoporosis patient rights.