Successful launch of IOF-ABRASSO Meet The Expert Online in Portuguese

More than 380 registrants have participated in monthly sessions held in Portuguese - reflecting the great interest in online training opportunities.

The IOF Latin America Meet The Expert Online 2019 program is dedicated to osteoporosis treatment. Throughout the year, current discussion topics related to treatment in the field of musculoskeletal health have been presented monthly in free online webinars.

IOF Latin America joined the Brazilian Association for Bone Evaluation and Health – ABRASSO (Associação Brasileira de Avaliação Óssea e Osteometabolismo) to develop the program in Portuguese. As of today, there are almost 700 registered healthcare professionals from our region!

On June 13th, the first session of the program was held in Portuguese. The speakers were Dr.Charlle Heldan de Moura, ABRASSO’s president and Dr. Cristiano Zerbini, IOF board member from Brazil. A total of 120 online attendees enjoyed the session about “Best practices to initiate osteoporosis treatment at different ages and conditions” with a final Q&A session.

Dr. Charlles Heldan de Moura, said,

ABRASSO is very enthusiastic about the launch of the Portuguese edition of Meet the expert Online 2019 with International Osteoporosis Foundation Latin America. The program in its innovative format is certainly a great opportunity to reach all specialists dealing with bone fragility and to provide them with an updated view of our field. As current ABRASSO president I am very happy and proud that our societies are coming together to offer this very important activity. Joint efforts to advance the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis will improve osteoporosis care in our country and might reduce the impact and burden of the disease in our patients. Our first sessions have been a great success and we hope to keep the entire Brazilian bone community engaged in the program for this purpose.”

IOF Latin America hopes to continue to strengthen its ties with IOF member societies throughout the region to create valuable programs and reach more healthcare professionals.

Register to participate in Portuguese-language monthly sessions - visit the program webpage and sign up today. If you prefer to participate in Spanish sessions: register here.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next session!