Take action and become ‘too fit to fracture’

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Learn how safe and effective exercises can help people with osteoporosis stay strong, prevent falls and slow the rate of bone loss.

If you have osteoporosis, or simply want to learn how targeted exercise can help you maintain strong bones and prevent falls as you age, then we encourage you to make use of Osteoporosis Canada’s ‘ Too Fit to Fracture: Managing Osteoporosis through Exercise’  educational brochure with accompanying videos.

Regardless of whether you have osteoporosis or not, regular exercise will benefit your overall health and wellbeing in many different ways. For people with osteoporosis, targeted exercise is especially important in that it helps to build muscle strength, improve balance and posture, and maintain bone mass. 

The new multicomponent ‘Too fit to fracture’ exercise recommendations combine muscle strengthening and balance training as a means of reducing falls and resulting fractures. The user-friendly and illustrated resource includes information on:

  • strength training
  • balance and posture training
  • aerobic activity
  • interactive tools for getting started
  • tips for addressing barriers to exercise
  • ways to move safely during everyday activities to avoid the risk of falls or spine fractures.

Get started today, discover these excellent new resources:

> Download Too Fit to Fracture: Managing Osteoporosis through Exercise

> View 21 videos providing ideas for safe and effective exercise and physical activity

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