Top 10 most ‘popular’ 2017 papers in IOF journals

IOF scientific journals
In terms of altmetric scores, here are the 10 top papers in IOF journals last year, with nutrition-related topics taking the first three spots.

Altmetric scores are a measure of online outreach, including social media mentions. In case you missed them, we invite you to read the 10 papers in IOF journals Osteoporosis International, Calcified Tissue International and Archives of Osteoporosis with the highest altmetric scores last year.

Greater yogurt consumption is associated with increased bone mineral density and physical function in older adults
Laird, E., Molloy, A.M., McNulty, H. et al. Osteoporos Int (2017) 28: 2409.  
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Global dietary calcium intake among adults: a systematic review 
O Balk, E.M., Adam, G.P., Langberg, V.N. et al. Osteoporos Int (2017) 28: 3315. 
Nutrition and physical activity in the prevention and treatment of sarcopenia: systematic review
Beaudart, C., Dawson, A., Shaw, S.C. et al. Osteoporos Int (2017) 28: 1817.
IOF and ECTS Working Group. Recommendations for the screening of adherence to oral bisphosphonates
Diez-Perez, A., Naylor, K.E., Abrahamsen, B. et al. Osteoporos Int (2017) 28: 767.
Epidemiology of Sarcopenia: Determinants Throughout the Lifecourse
Shaw, S.C., Dennison, E.M. & Cooper, C. Calcif Tissue Int (2017) 101: 229.

Mind the (treatment) gap: a global perspective on current and future strategies for prevention of fragility fractures
Harvey, N.C.W., McCloskey, E.V., Mitchell, P.J. et al. Osteoporos Int (2017) 28: 1507.
Reporting of vertebral fragility fractures: can radiologists help reduce the number of hip fractures?
Mitchell, R.M., Jewell, P., Javaid, M.K. et al. Arch Osteoporos (2017) 12: 71.
Osteosarcopenia: where bone, muscle, and fat collide
Hirschfeld, H.P., Kinsella, R. & Duque, G. Osteoporos Int (2017) 28: 2781.
Gut Microbiota Contribute to Age-Related Changes in Skeletal Muscle Size, Composition, and Function: Biological Basis for a Gut-Muscle Axis
Grosicki, G.J., Fielding, R.A. & Lustgarten, M.S. Calcif Tissue Int (2017).
Post-fracture care: do we need to educate patients rather than doctors? The PREVOST randomized controlled trial
Merle, B., Chapurlat, R., Vignot, E. et al. Osteoporos Int (2017) 28: 1549. 

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