Verstand Osteoporosis Foundation in Cameroon plans public conference

IOF member society will hold a public awareness event focused on osteoporosis prevention and bone health.

On Thursday March 29, 2018 the Verstand Osteoporosis Foundation of Cameroon will hold a public awareness event in Yaounde, Cameroon.

The public conference will target a broad spectrum of the general public, including the elderly, school children, and students, as well as physicians.

On the agenda of the  “Know your Bone” event will be talks about osteoporosis and its “symptoms”, bone health, fractures, diagnosis and prevention. Educational objectives and outcomes include expanding awareness, taking awareness to rural areas, including educating physicians and community nurses. VOF hopes to gain new members and improve its overall outreach to the greater community.

Refreshments will be served, and organiser and chairman Motare Henry Efamba Nongo will preside over a question-and-answer session to allow for personalized feedback to participants’ questions.