Watch the new World Osteoporosis Day video!

On World Osteoporosis Day, osteoporosis patient societies around the world warn the general public: "Don't let osteoporosis fracture your future! "

We've just added an impactful new video to the many resources available on the World Osteoporosis Day website. The video illustrates the danger of osteoporosis, which, if left untreated, leaves patients at high risk of life-altering fractures that can threaten future mobility and independence. 

View the video 'Don't let osteoporosis fracture your future'

We encourage you to share the video, posters, fact sheets and brochures that are available at 

If you are organizing an event, campaign, or sharing World Osteoporosis Day messages at your institution, clinic or hospital please be sure to submit your event to the Map of World Osteoporosis Day events