IOF News

July 20, 2017
New multisector falls and fracture prevention initiative focuses on improving outcomes that matter to older people and their families.
July 19, 2017
July 20 will see the first Capture the Fracture® webinar in the Chinese language, led by Prof. Ding-Cheng Chan and moderated by Prof. Paulo Wu.
June 29, 2017
New systematic review is the first to evaluate epidemiologic aspects of the three distinct physiological components of sarcopenia – muscle mass, strength, and function.
June 28, 2017
‘La osteoporosis pasa fracture’ reminds doctors and patients of the importance of osteoporosis fracture prevention
June 27, 2017
Two-day course held in Novi Sad, Serbia teaches research fundamentals for young investigators.
June 27, 2017
The National Osteoporosis Society (NOS) in the UK aims to develop a consensus statement to standardize information about best exercises and physical activity to safely strengthen bones. You can help by completing a short online survey.
June 25, 2017
This month alone, Fracture Liaison Services (FLS) from Australia, Colombia, France, Israel, Russia, Spain, and Thailand have applied for inclusion in the Capture the Fracture® Map of Best Practice, bringing the total to 225 FLS in 35 countries.
June 21, 2017
Would you like to be a part of the largest network of organizations in the field of bone health? IOF invites you to join our most influential membership committee, and help strengthen the global voice in support of bone health awareness and advocacy.
June 15, 2017
IOF is pleased to announce the newly released 2016 citation impact factors for its journals portfolio.
June 13, 2017
The high turnout for the IOF-ISCD training course ‘Osteoporosis Essentials’ held in Belo Horizonte reflects the growing interest and need for comprehensive training in the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis.