Oceania Initiatives

The statistics for osteoporosis prevalence and costs in Australia and New Zealand are comparable with those of Europe and the United States. Osteoporosis in New Zealand affects more that half of all women and nearly a third of all men over the age of 60. In New Zealand more than 3,000 New Zealanders break a hip each year. This figure is expected to rise to 4,800 in ten years' time as the population ages.  In Australia, as at 2001, nearly two million Australians were affected by this disease - three quarters of those affected are women. 

If nothing is done, it's estimated by 2021 the number of people affected in Australia will have increased to 3 million - with a fracture every 3.5 minutes.

IOF is working to develop policy initiatives through the the IOF Asia-Pacific Regional Program.


Information regarding the status of osteoporosis in Australia can be found in the White Paper report entitled The Burden of Brittle Bones: Costing Osteoporosis in Australia (PDF, 298 KB). This document, commissioned by Osteoporosis Australia in 2001, provides statistics for the burden and costs of disease in Australia that have proved to be of enormous help in lobbying efforts. An update to this document The Burden of Brittle Bones (2007) (PDF, 1.99 MB) was produced by The Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne, Western Hospital, Footscray, Victoria.

New Zealand

The White Paper report The Burden of Osteoporosis in New Zealand: 2007-2020 (PDF, 1 MB) was commissioned by Osteoporosis New Zealand. The report estimates a fracture occurs in New Zealand every 6 minutes, and if nothing is done, 120,000 people will suffer osteoporotic fractures by 2020. The report estimated the direct cost of treating fractures to be over $300 million per annum.

National Guidelines

Read the list of osteoporosis guidelines for Oceania. Note, the International Osteoporosis Foundation does not endorse country guidelines. This is because osteoporosis prevalence and aspects of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporotic fractures are country-specific. There may be multiple guidelines from any one country.

Facts and statistics

Read facts and statistics on osteoporosis and fractures in Australia and New Zealand.