Osteoporosis in the European Union: Ten Years of Progress and Ongoing Challenges

Osteoporosis in the European Union: Ten years of progress and ongoing challenges (2008)This report, published in October 2008, provides a snapshot of the progress and challenges in osteoporosis management in the EU - a decade after the landmark 1998 report and recommendations by the European Commission and as a comparison to the 2001 EU 'audit' report.

Scientists, physicians, policymakers, advocates, patients and their families are urged to use the report to identify issues that need attention in their countries.

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Based on country reports submitted by the EU Osteoporosis Consultation Panel, the report shows some progress:

  • Shorter waiting times for bone mineral density testing has been achieved in many countries, resulting in more efficient diagnosis and treatment.
  • A wide range of proven treatments is now available

However, ongoing challenges continue:

  • Only 6 of 27 EU governments have declared osteoporosis a healthcare priority
  • Hip fracture costs have doubled or tripled in several countries over 10 years
  • More than 40% of EU members states have fewer than the recommended number of bone mineral density scanners
  • Full reimbursement for these scans is provided in only 9 of 27 member states
  • Osteoporosis is part of national public health programs in only 10 of 27 countries.
individual country reports
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