Promoting corporate osteoporosis responsibility

Companies can take action to become good corporate citizens in the field of bone health.

IOF recommends several steps that companies should take to become good corporate citizens in the field of bone health.

These include:

  • Education for staff, which could be achieved by providing education material, lectures or articles in internal newsletters as well as distribution of the IOF One Minute Risk Test;
  • Providing bone density testing, either on site or as time off to have testing outside the place of work;
  • Ensuring that staff and their families have health insurance which includes access to free BMD testing and treatment; serving bone-friendly food in the corporate canteen;
  • Promoting exercise by having, for example, a fitness center available to staff, or subsidies for membership in external centers, shower/changing room facilities for staff who exercise outdoors and company-supported sports teams;
  • Safety for falls prevention should also be considered – with non-slip surfaces and hand rails where appropriate.

Finally, corporate commitment and community involvement could be shown in a variety of ways, including featuring osteoporosis in appropriate corporate presentations, supporting national patient societies and holding community awareness programs.

World Osteoporois Day (WOD) is an ideal occasion to begin osteoporosis awareness at the corporate level. On the occasion of WOD 2005 several members of IOF's Committee of Corporate Advisors (CCA), including Fonterra Brands, Novartis, Tetra Pak and Weber Shandwick, carried out internal activities with a focus on exercise. In 2006, these and other members of  the CCA are planning WOD events, with a focus on nutrition as an important lifestyle factor in osteoporosis prevention.

IOF encourages companies and organizations to participate in this corporate osteoporosis responsibility proposal. For further information contact [link][/link]