Publication of First Middle East and North Africa Consensus on Osteoporosis

Leading osteoporosis experts in the region have worked in cooperation to compile the first Middle East and North African Osteoporosis Consensus, endorsed by societies in fourteen countries.

Due to increasing life expectancy, osteoporosis is a growing worldwide health problem. In the Middle East, where the prevalence of low bone mass is higher than in western countries, osteoporosis is of particularly great concern.

As an important step in fighting this serious disease, leading osteoporosis experts in the region have worked in cooperation to compile the first osteoporosis consensus guidelines which encompass all Middle Eastern and North African countries.

The document, which was recently published in the Journal of Musculoskeletal and Neuronal Interactions (2007; 7(2):131-143), reviews all the regional published data on bone mineral density, risk factors, fracture prevalence and vitamin D status. It also gives simple recommendations applicable to all these countries.

Although several countries and local organizations in the region have developed guidelines, these are the first regional guidelines to have been endorsed by the leading societies of all the different countries in the region. These include the Lebanese Osteoporosis Prevention Society; Endocrinology & Metabolism Center – Shariati Hospital – Iran; Egyptian Osteoporosis Prevention Society; Tunisian Osteoporosis Prevention Society; Jordanian Osteoporosis Prevention Society; Palestinian Osteoporosis Prevention Society; Syrian Council of Osteoporosis; Iraqi Osteoporosis Society; Libyan Osteoporosis Society; Oman Osteoporosis Society; Kuwaiti Osteoporosis Society; Saudi Osteoporosis Club; Bahrain Osteoporosis Society; and the Gulf Osteoporosis Society.

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