Main course

Ingredients   80 g     2 dl  Nutella (or apple sauce is also a favourite)flour (white or whole grain flour)2 eggsmilksprinkle of salt       Read more
Ingredients     1 kg  50 g100 g1 tbsp1 tbsp  milkrice (uncooked)sugarsoaked and chopped almonds and pistachiocardomom powderSaffron leaves - 5       Read more
Spinach and Green Bean Salad
Ingredients 300 g125 ml250 ml  50 ml250 g2 tbsp baby spinachcilantro leavesparsley leavescoarsely chopped basel, chives, tarragon, mintgreen beanssherry vinegar  1/2 tsp75 ml250 g125 ml Read more
Ingredients    80 g  40 g2 tbsp 8 eggsgrated Tomme de Savoie cheesebutter, cut into morselscreamNutmeg, salt and pepper       Read more
Ingredients 500 g  50 g  50 g500 ml125 g    2 g    2 g cod filletsbutterflourmilkgrated Cheddar cheesesaltfreshly ground pepper     Read more
Ingredients 6 tbsp  425 ml                   10 g flour3 eggsmilksaltoil       Read more
Ingredients 300 g  1200 g250 ml pre-made cooking pastry (round and rolled)butter for greasingegg whitebreakfast bacon strips, cut into bitscream 3150 g150 g6 eggs, beatenEmmental cheese, grated Read more
Veal Cordon Bleu by Alpha (
Ingredients     4 very thin, large veal steaksSalt, pepper, paprika8 slices of Prosciutto ham4 slices of Tilsiter cheese, 3mm thick          ½ bunch of parsley, chopped 2 tbsp  flour2 eggs, beaten Read more
Ingredients   Sauce 550 g150 g150 g 150 g  20 g  20 g  20 g200 g    8 g  10 g sliced smoked salmoncarrots  Read more
Ingredients   80 g  80 g  60 g  Beaufort cheeseflourbutter1 half litre milk4 eggsNutmeg, salt and pepper     Read more


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