Main course

Ingredients Per Person  1 cup  90 g 3 corn tortillascooked beans (black, pinto or otherdried beans, prepared as below)"queso fresco" or feta cheese, crumbled   30 g125ml Read more
Ingredients 1/6 cup1/4 cup1/4 cup 10 cups20 ml1 tsp dried chickpeasdried pinto beanslentilswater3-4 onions, very thinly slicedoilturmeric 2 tsp1 tsp1/2 tsp500 g300 g240 g1 cup Read more
Ingredients Speitzel with Cheese Salad 500 g   200 ml250 g  50 ml150 g180 g spelt flourSalt, nutmeg2 eggs Read more
Ingredients   30 g2 tbsp1.5 cups300 g 2 onions slicedbutterflourboullionpotatoes, sliced2 celery sticks, sliced 1 tsp500 g1.5 cups250 g 3 carrots, slicedsaltdash of white pepper Read more
Ingredients Pasta Bechamel White Sauce 300 g1 tbsp    pasta shellscoarse salt 300 ml30 g40 g  Read more
Ingredients Pasta Filling 2 cups1 tsp1 tbsp flour1 eggsaltoil 300 g1 tsp1 tsp  Read more
Ingredients 300 g 300 g 1/2 tbsp  30 g 2 bunches spinach, blanched & drained well1/2 packet filo pastryricottafreshly grated nutmeg1/2 bunch chives, choppedSea salt & freshly ground black pepper   45 g  20 g Read more
Ingredients Fish Balls of Herring: (6 pieces) Savoy 300 g1/2 tsp1/2 tsp1 tbsp 1 tbsp1 tsp fillet of herringsaltpaprika Read more
Ingredients 480 g120 g2 tbsp100 g2 tsp3/4 tsp1/2 tsp cod or haddock filletscreamtomato puréegrated cheesepotato-floursaltthyme   Read more


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