Ingredients 300 g  1200 g250 ml pre-made cooking pastry (round and rolled)butter for greasingegg whitebreakfast bacon strips, cut into bitscream 3150 g150 g6 eggs, beatenEmmental cheese, grated Read more
Ingredients    80 g  40 g2 tbsp 8 eggsgrated Tomme de Savoie cheesebutter, cut into morselscreamNutmeg, salt and pepper       Read more
Ingredients 360 g250 g2.5 dl  4 lemonscrème fraichemascarpone cream cheesefresh full cream (whipping cream)1 envelope vanilla sugar 3 tbsp550 g250 g regular sugarpowdered sugarlemon syrup Read more
Ingredients   Filling 1/2 cup Pre-made non-sweet pasty dough (rolled out on to ca. 28 cm. round pan)grated cheese    Read more
Ingredients  750 ml 30 g180 g180 gl 4 large potatoes, peeled and sliced2 white onions, sliced2 garlic cloves, finely choppedcooked turkey chunksbuttersalt and pepperpinch grated nutmegall-purpose flour Read more
Ingredients   20 ml300 g  50 g250 ml500 ml1 tbsp200 ml   oil1 medium onion, finely choppedsliced white mushrooms, dividedminced almondsmilkbeef brothcorn starch, diluted in 3 tbsp of water35% cream Read more
Ingredients  125 g   10 g     2 g     2 g 250 g 500 g     2 l butter2 beef stock cubescoarsely ground black pepperwhole nutmeg, gratedfreshly ground coriandercake flourmilkboiling water Read more
Ingredients 480 g120 g2 tbsp100 g2 tsp3/4 tsp1/2 tsp cod or haddock filletscreamtomato puréegrated cheesepotato-floursaltthyme   Read more
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