Ingredients   Filling 1/2 cup Pre-made non-sweet pasty dough (rolled out on to ca. 28 cm. round pan)grated cheese    Read more
Ingredients  300 g 600 ml 1 large orangeorange yoghurtmilk       Read more
Ingredients  1 tbsp 2 tbsp 500 ml 1 tbsp  250 g  flour3 eggssugarmilkbutterblack currants      Read more
Potato and Leek Casserole
Ingredients 750 g750 g250 g100 g  30 g2-3 tbsp250 ml125 ml potatoes, saltleekcooked hamEmmentaler cheese (45% fat)margarineflourmilkvegetable brothpepper, nutmeg     Read more
Ingredients Crepe Batter Filling 125 g   1/2 tsp  flour2 eggs1 glass milk                                    dry yeast Read more
Ingredients   80 g  80 g  60 g  Beaufort cheeseflourbutter1 half litre milk4 eggsNutmeg, salt and pepper     Read more
Ingredients 500 g  50 g  50 g500 ml125 g    2 g    2 g cod filletsbutterflourmilkgrated Cheddar cheesesaltfreshly ground pepper     Read more
Ingredients 6 tbsp  425 ml                   10 g flour3 eggsmilksaltoil       Read more
Ingredients   20 ml300 g  50 g250 ml500 ml1 tbsp200 ml   oil1 medium onion, finely choppedsliced white mushrooms, dividedminced almondsmilkbeef brothcorn starch, diluted in 3 tbsp of water35% cream Read more
Ingredients Per Person  1 cup  90 g 3 corn tortillascooked beans (black, pinto or otherdried beans, prepared as below)"queso fresco" or feta cheese, crumbled   30 g125ml Read more


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