Red meat

Veal Cordon Bleu by Alpha (
Ingredients     4 very thin, large veal steaksSalt, pepper, paprika8 slices of Prosciutto ham4 slices of Tilsiter cheese, 3mm thick          ½ bunch of parsley, chopped 2 tbsp  flour2 eggs, beaten Read more
Ingredients   20 ml300 g  50 g250 ml500 ml1 tbsp200 ml   oil1 medium onion, finely choppedsliced white mushrooms, dividedminced almondsmilkbeef brothcorn starch, diluted in 3 tbsp of water35% cream Read more
Ingredients  125 g   10 g     2 g     2 g 250 g 500 g     2 l butter2 beef stock cubescoarsely ground black pepperwhole nutmeg, gratedfreshly ground coriandercake flourmilkboiling water Read more
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