Ash-e-reshteh - Noodle soup

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Number of Servings: 
Preparation time: 
292 kcal
11 g
187 mg
Vitamin D: 
0.04 IU
% Ca recommended daily intake: 

This recipe is traditional and is served at special events, women getting together, Sizdah be dar ( traditional gathering at the end of spring holidays ) etc. It contains some persian ingredients (Reshteh and kashk) and it is especially good in winter.

Reshteh refers to a very fine noodle similar to angel hair pasta. They are available in Middle Eastern food shops.

Ash-e-reshteh can be made with meat too and you can use yogurt or sour cream instead of whey (kashk). This food can cover an important part of our daily need for calcium because of the whey (kashk) which is a main source of calcium from the dairy group rather than legumes and spinach.

1/6 cup
1/4 cup
1/4 cup 
10 cups

20 ml
1 tsp
dried chickpeas
dried pinto beans
3-4 onions, very thinly sliced
2 tsp

1 tsp
1/2 tsp
500 g
300 g
240 g
1 cup
dried mint
10 pieces of garlic diced
black pepper
fresh chopped spinach
mixed chopped parsley, leek and coriander
Persian noodles (Reshteh)
Persian Kashk or whey (similar to sour cream)


1 Soak dried beans in a bowl over night. Boil the chickpeas and
pinto beans until they are half cooked and then add the lentils and
let cook.
2 Fry onions, dried mint and garlic in a pan separately and add
turmeric to the onions while frying.
3 Add 1/2 of the fried onions and salt and black pepper (save 1/2 of the
onions for garnish).
4 Add spinach, parsley, leek and coriander and let simmer for
about 1/2 hour, stirring occasionally.
5 Add noodles and cook about 10 minutes, stir occasionally.
Check for seasoning. If too thick, more water can be added.
6 When the noodles are completely cooked, the soup is ready.
Pour in a bowl and garnish with kashk, fried garlic and dried mint.