Shopska salata - Shopp Salad with Fresh Vegetables

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202 kcal
13 g
120 mg
Vitamin D: 
0.00 IU
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This dish has been known for centuries in the Bulgarian national cuisine and is very popular among tourists visiting the country

This recipe is included in the "Book of recipes for public catering" - Sofia, 2003, compiled under the coordination of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Donka Baykova, Ph.D.,M.D., National Centre of Public Health Protection

Note: The cheese used in Bulgaria for this recipe is a white brine cheese, similar to feta cheese, usually made from a combination of sheep and cow's milk.

450 g
380 g
350 g
120 g
1000 g
  80 g
  40 g
  30 g
sweet (bell) peppers
onion, preferably spring onions
sunflower-seed oil


1 Clean well all the vegetables.
 Discard the stems and seeds of the raw peppers and cut them into small squares. Or bake them first in the oven, then discard the stems and seeds and then cut them into squares.
2 Dice the tomatoes. Peel and also dice the cucumbers. The onion and parsley should be chopped fine.
Stir all the cut vegetables together.
3 For serving, shape the salad into small pyramids on separate plates, pour vinegar and sun flower oil over each serving and sprinkle the grated cheese over the top.
4 Traditionally, chillis (hot peppers) are served on the side – either raw, without the stems or whole, baked. The salad can be decorated with a slice of tomato, sprig of parsley, etc.


Main Ingredients: