Veal Cordon Bleu

Veal Cordon Bleu by Alpha (
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Number of Servings: 
486 kcal
54 g
289 mg
Vitamin D: 
0.82 IU
% Ca recommended daily intake: 

4 very thin, large veal steaks
Salt, pepper, paprika
8 slices of Prosciutto ham
4 slices of Tilsiter cheese, 3mm thick          
½ bunch of parsley, chopped
2 tbsp

2 eggs, beaten
Salt pepper, bread crumbs for coating
Butter or oil for frying (20 g)
Lemon slices, a bit of parsley,
and if desired, sardine fillets for garnish (80 g).


1 Season the veal steaks on both sides, lay two slices of Proscuitto on each, cover half the meat with a cheese slice, and put a little parsley on each.
2 Fold the meat in half, with the ham and cheese in the middle, press together and close with a toothpick. Turn the escalope over in the flour, then moisten it in the egg seasoned with salt and pepper, coat it in bread crumbs, and slightly press together again.
3 In hot butter or oil, fry the escalope on all sides till golden brown, and garnish with the lemon slice, parsley and sardine fillets.


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