Saudi Arabia's national osteoporosis campaign

SMS messaging - this unique method to raise awareness of osteoporosis is part of the Saudi Arabian government's national osteoporosis campaign.

Saudi Arabia’s national ‘SMS’ drive to raise awareness of osteoporosis was reported in a November 6th article in the daily ‘Arab News’. The report states that more than a million SMS text messages will be sent by the Ministry of Health to the public about the importance of combating osteoporosis. This is part of a national campaign against the spread of osteoporosis in the Kingdom.

“We want to take possible preventive measures against the disease, which is common mostly among women over the age of 50,” said Dr. Yacoub Al-Mazroei, deputy minister of health, who launched the campaign on behalf of Health Minister Dr. Hamad Al-Manie. He said the ministry would be distributing a million pamphlets throughout the Kingdom’s 20 health regions to highlight the disease and advise people to take preventive measures. In addition, he said, the print and electronic media would carry relevant articles to keep readers and viewers abreast of the growing dangers of the disease in the Kingdom.

The ministry will also open on Saturday a toll free telephone line 8002494444, offering medical advice to those who want to know more about the disease.