Formerly called the Island of ‘Formosa' (Portuguese for 'beautiful'), Taipei is the capital and largest city of Chinese Taipei. Taipei is a city of fascinating contrasts--a mix of the modern and traditional, with a multicultural urban feel and opportunities for cultural sightseeing, shopping and dining. The modern metropolis pulses with energy, while the historic temples take you back to dynastic times. Taipei has many world-class restaurants where gourmets can sample the best regional Chinese cuisine, and there are bustling night markets where you can sample delicious snacks in an exciting, fun-filled environment. Close to the heart of the city you can soak away the cares of the world in mineral-rich hot springs nestled in the lush mountain foothills around Taipei. Throughout the city there are beautiful trails, parks and other oases of tranquility.

Beyond the city of Taipei, the region boasts majestic peaks, rolling hills and plains, coastlines, and other natural landscapes. Its natural beauty can be discovered by trekking in the magnificent cliffs at Taroko Gorge; taking a ride on the Alishan Forest Railway and experiencing the breathtaking sunrise and sea of clouds; hiking up to the summit of Northeast Asia's highest peak, Yu Mountain (Yushan). You can also soak up the sun in Kending (Kenting), Asia's version of Hawaii; stand at the edge of Sun Moon Lake; wander through the East Rift Valley; or visit the offshore islands of Kinmen and Penghu.

Please visit the Official Tourism Site of Taipei for more information on all tourist attractions.