Travel Information

Getting around

Fast and easy to use, the Taipei Metro (MRT) makes Taipei city one of the easiest Asian capitals to navigate. Another great bonus of MRT travel is that every station has bilingual wall maps pointing out the neighborhood’s attractions. Compass travelers beware, for whatever reason, some stations have maps in which south is facing upwards. Make sure to line their north arrow with that of your compass. In addition to operating the MRT, the Taipei Rapid Transit Association (TRTA) also runs many of Taipei’s public bus routes and private bus lines that crisscross the city. Nowadays most buses have English as well as Chinese route signs. You can find fares, route maps and lots of other information at

Travelling by plane

Airports & airlines

Taiwan’s main international airport is Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE;  in Dayuan, 50km west of central Taipei. It was formerly called Chiang Kai-shek and may still be referred to as CKS Airport.

Taiwan’s other international airports are Siaogang Airport (KHH; in Kaohsiung and Cing Cyuan Gang Airport (RMQ; in Taichung.

TPE handles traffic from around the world, while most of the international traffic into and out of Siaogang Airport and Cing Cyuan Gang Airport comes from Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

TPE airport has two terminals connected by a small skytrain. A tourist information booth is available in each of them.

Getting to/from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Several bus companies run the route (average fare NTD 125 – 4.25 USD, 60 minutes) every 15 minutes from the airport to the main train station in Taipei from 4am to midnight. 

Some buses also go to the domestic airport, Songshan. You can buy bus tickets in the arrival areas of both terminals. Look for the ‘Express Bus’ signs in Terminal 2 and ‘Bus Stop’ (Station) signs in Terminal 1. If you want to get dropped off at a particular hotel let the staff at the ticket counters know, as there are different routes.

Buses also connect with the High-Speed Rail (HSR) station in Taoyuan, which can then take you off to Taipei in 25 minutes.

Taxis from the airport to downtown Taipei will cost around NTD 1200 (40 USD), and NTD 1000 (33 USD) going the opposite direction.

Note that the domestic terminal (Songshan Airport) is about an hour away by bus from the international airport.