Gaps and solutions in bone health A Global Framework for Improvement

Authored by Nicholas Harvey and Eugene McCloskey, this report, authored in 2016, describes 10 key care gaps which are hindering osteoporosis and fracture prevention worldwide. It presents solutions by highlighting examples of national strategies and initiatives for quality improvement. The report can be seen as a global 'Call to Action' for national osteoporosis and medical organizations, healthcare and policy officials, and healthcare professionals worldwide. 

  • Gap 1: Secondary fracture prevention
  • Gap 2: Osteoporosis induced by medicines
  • Gap 3: Diseases associated with osteoporosis
  • Gap 4: Primary fracture prevention for individuals at high risk of fracture
  • Gap 5: The importance of staying on treatment
  • Gap 6: Public awareness of osteoporosis and fracture risk
  • Gap 7: Public awareness of benefits versus risks of osteoporosis treatment
  • Gap 8: Access and reimbursement for osteoporosis assessment and treatment
  • Gap 9: Prioritization of fragility fracture prevention in national policy
  • Gap 10: The burden of osteoporosis in the developing world