Wyeth and sanofi-aventis join the IOF Corporate Responsibility Program for Bone Health

IOF honors corporations for their programs to raise bone health awareness among employees

The IOF Corporate Responsibility Program for Bone Health honors companies which have shown outstanding leadership within their organizations by promoting good bone health to their staff through various programs.

Voluntary actions that a company can take may range from running bone-health education programs, providing bone-friendly food in the canteen, making exercise facilities available, or paying for diagnosis and treatments.

In February 2008 IOF welcomed two new members to the IOF Corporate Responsibility Program for Bone Health – Wyeth and sanofi-aventis. Other corporate members of the innovative IOF Program include Kyphon, Lilly, MSD, Novartis and Roche.

“We are delighted to recognize Wyeth and sanofi-aventis for their adoption of the IOF Corporate Responsibility Program for Bone Health,” noted IOF Chief Executive Officer Daniel Navid. “In doing so, the companies have made a commitment to fight osteoporosis, to increase awareness about the condition, its risk factors and what individuals can do to reduce the risk of fractures.”

“We have a long-standing commitment to bone health,” said Cathy Kerzner, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Women’s Health Care, at Wyeth. “Throughout 2007, we conducted several internal events, including World Osteoporosis Day observance, to heighten bone health awareness. These activities, which emphasized exercise, nutrition, education, and motivational content, will continue in 2008 as we support lifelong bone health among our employees and people around the world who are affected by osteoporosis.”

"As a major socially responsible player in the healthcare sector, we at sanofi-aventis uphold our commitment to our employees to keep them aware and informed of the importance of better bone health", said Michel Labie, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Communications, sanofi-aventis. "Our internal communication programme in 2007 and 2008 encourages employees to embrace the importance of bone health in everyday life and to share their knowledge with friends and family."